Monday, May 25, 2015

Blue is the color of rain

Today just when I was heading out to take my outfit photos it started to rain so I had to stay in our back yard and hurry up so fast photos today=)

Love blue and these new high wasted flare jeans from HUDSON I got at STUDIO STILISTA this weekend.

Jacket from GINA TRICOT


jeans from HUDSON


Necklace from MARNI

Belt is old=)

Amazing rhubarb cake

So, this amazing rhubarb cake is gluten free and only sweetened with stevia and agave syrup. Agave syrup is sugar but doesn't affect our blood sugar the same way as regular sugar so this is an ok alternative once in a while when I don't only want to use Stevia.


One big rhubarb or 3 small ones
150 gram of butter
2/3 dl of agave syrup
2/3 of stevia
2 eggs
2 egg yolks
4 dl of almond flour
2 dl of gluten free fine flour
1 1/2 teaspoon baking powder
1 table spoon of vanilla powder
1/2 teaspoon of cardemum

How to do it:

Whip the butter, agave syrup and stevia to a fluffy paste. Add the eggs one at a time and the yolks after that. Add all the dry ingredients and whip to a smooth paste.
Place the paste in a buttered baking pan. Place the rhubarb in smaller pieces on top of the paste, add agave syrup and stevia on top and then coconut flakes on top (almond flakes is also good)

Bake in 180 degrees for 25-30 minutes and serve with whipped cream or vanilla sauce.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Among cows

So we went to the forest late this afternoon and looked at the cute cows, walked into the dark forest and got mosquito bitten, hehe, and had lots of fun me and the boys. I love to be out with my boys, I feel so blessed to have such wonderful ones to love=)

The forest we were in is called BRUCES SKOG and a small but cute one close to the south of Helsingborg.

Moscitos bite

Todays outfit was casual and easy since we went to the forest and while I took my outfit photos I got bitten by the small moscitos so it was not a so pleasant affair today=)

Cardigan from RALPH LAUREN

Bag from GUCCI

Sunglasses from RAY BAN

Flared jeans 7 FOR ALL MANKIND

White shirt from H&M

Green and nude

I love nude colors and to match it with a pinch of green on the eye is perfect for a not to dramatic make up. 

I love the Illuminizing cream from MAKE UP STORE. Gives the cheek bones some lovely luster!

You know you can

...view my vintage store in many ways to get an easier overlook, right? You can see it as flip cards for instance and also in the search function you can search for tops, jeans and more. I have labelled every item in these labels:
tops, jeans, dresses, jackets, pants, skirts, shirts

Easy peasy!

And I´ll add more stuff in the coming days but still there are items non-sold like stage dresses and more so go and grab them!

Friday, May 22, 2015

Copenhagen fast track

So I was in Copenhagen a fast trip today to do an errand and of course I always have time to run to the stores that for me, are essential when I am there=)

I always look through the luxury windows at ILLUM, such as YVES SAINT LAURENT=) Love their bags!

Then a trip to the DISNEY STORE is necessary for the kids and today I found a super cool hoodie jacket for Nemo on sale and he got so happy!

Next to the DISNEY STORE you find ILLUMS bolighus and they have everything in interior and I love to go there and look. Got us a nice pillow last time I was here.

H&M has a great big store in the middle of STRÖGET where they have H&M Home and since we don't have that at home I always go there to buy stuff. Lovely stuff for a cheap price and I love it!

here´s the pillow cases I got today in yellow=)

Another story we don't have at home is &OTHER STORIES, H&M´S luxury store and they have wonderful jewelleries I love, shoes I love and great nail polish!

AND since I LOVE Starbucks that is a MUST! Sugarfree syrup vanilla lactose free coffee latte is my standard! Hehe!

On the way to the train station BUILD-A-BEAR has a store and today they had these cute MINIONS and I almost got one for Mio=)

To go to Copenhagen for me, takes a little more that 1 hour and its so easy that I could easily see myself work there. I LOVE Copenhagen! So cool people, so cool city and lots of tourists!