Tuesday, November 24, 2015

I just love this look

Ok, so can I show what I would LOVE to have on me right now? Well, check below! The whole look make me go AAAAHHHHHH!!!=)

Everything from & OTHER STORIES

A throwback look from last spring

Hi all and happy tuesday=)

Sitting in the train on my way home from university and since I haven't had time to take any outfit photos I give you one from last spring that I like and i so miss the hairstyle! A bit bored with this a bit longer hair now and miss the easiness this shorter cut gave. Took me appr. 5 minutes to fix it and well, now it takes longer. As a mother of 3, being a student, having a blog, instagram and more time is short so therefore this cut was super=)

And my leopard blouse from BY MALENE BIRGER is one piece that I´ll never get rid of cause the color make me God damn happy=)

Skirt H&M, leggings Wolford, ear rings DIOR

Monday, November 23, 2015

BFL breakfast

So today´s breakfast is one I like and its great if you are on a diet or wanna keep the carbs down and still feel good=)

Eggwhite mash with tuna and tomatoes

Take 3 egg whites and whip together with milk, I use oat milk and salt and black pepper.

Place a small amount of coconut oil in the pan and make an egg white mash/omelett.

Serve with tuna and fresh tomatoes!

Easy but yummie!

Hey my Winterland

So, another day with lots of snow and Cold! Minus 13 degrees so I wonder if I live in Lapland or south of Sweden?

Well, thankfully they have said it will melt away tomorrow or so and for me, this was enough of winter- now we can move on to spring=)

Kids love it though and that´s great!

Mio in his winter suit from H&M (old one) and winter shoes from KAVAT (also old, great to have older siblings to inherit from), beanie POLARN & PYRET

My pink UGGS are essential when its cold! 

An easy protein drink

So, when I feel that I am a bit hungry in between meals or after a workout I love to drink smoothies and protein drinks and this one is so easy and yummie to do!

appr. 2 dl of oat milk (Oatly)
1 scoop of vanilla protein powder (I use MATTERS)
fresh mango

Mix in the blender and enjoy!

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Yesterdays make up

So, winter is here and I feel pale as never before but I also feel that its ok since its winter and having a real tan would look kinda weird so I keep my pale face but instead add more color in my lips and my new favorite brand is H&M cause its cheap but still doesn't look cheap and thats the main thing!

Even if I don't have more than lips in this make-up (no eye shadow) I always mark my eye brows cause they make the face look younger

I use a triple eye brow shadow from MAKE UP STORE and now when being so dark in the hair I use the darkest color but if you have lighter hair use the lighter ones

Then now when it starts to get so cold my face gets dry and a bit red so then I need to use a little more moisturing foundation and this one from MAKE UP FOREVER is perfect! The color is pale and now when I don't have any tanning its perfect

To get some highlights I also use the bottle to the right which is a highlighter in a bottle from MAKE UP STORE and this one I just take a small amount and gently place on top of the cheekbones (where I also place the rouge) and a little bit up towards the side of my forehead. But be careful cause it can look as you are dirty if you take to much!

Then I add my concealer which is from MAKE UP FOREVER and I use this under my eyes, around the nose where I have some redness and a tiny amount on top of my nose too.

Then I add some powder on top and I love mineral powder from BARE MINERALS and I use a color which isn't totally pale but a beige one.

Then I add my new lovely lip color from H&M - orange one - just love orange!

Then some mascara and also using an eye lashes "bender" to get them up a bit and make the eye look more "open". Mascara is at the moment from MAXFACTOR extreme volume but I buy different ones all the time

Some rouge on the cheeks in a pinky color and voila! Done!

Curled my hair inwards with my curler and took some hair pins and placed my fringe upwards since I am growing it longer and it just looks boring hanging down at the moment=) Some hair spray and I always use this "old-women" hair spray as we call it here in Sweden, but its just the best! Not to hard and gives a great hold but without being unable to move around

Nail polish also from H&M

Colder days are here

Hi all and happy Sunday!

So, winter is here and last night it came SO much snow that we have Winter wonderland here, puh! For me, not liking winter and snow that sucks BUT they say it will melt quite fast so JIPPIE for that!=)

Luckily, Seth loves snow so he took his little brothers and went out playing in the snow this morning when me and Johan did our morning cardio=) Great to have older kids who can help out=)

Before the snow entered our city yesterday we went to IKEA and since it was cold I had to take out my PRADA winter jacket and I believe my UGGS will be used a lot this week since I freeze in everything else=(

Jacket PRADA, jeans DSQUARED2, bag MICHAEL KORS, boots DASIA, knit BIK BOK