Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Free like the eagle up in a tree

Today I went down to the ocean by RÅÅ VALLAR which is situated in the south of Helsingborg to take my outfit photos and the wind was a bit autumn cold and took its hold of me at times but made the shoot fun and the top I am wearing with its BIG cool sleeves from H&M TREND got to its best due to the wind=)

Bag from ZARA, top from H&M TREND, jeans from H&M and sneakers from NIKE (Air max) 

Autumn is here

So, summer past so fast and mainly due to it being a "bad" summer when it comes to weather here, but also due to me working all summer. That´s the life of being a student, working all summer and no free time=)

Being a student in my age is a bit harder, both financially as well as getting the life puzzle together with lots of kids and so on so its a bit stressy at times.

For me, I cope quite OK with stress if I can see that I can solve the things I have ahead of me, but when I feel life is swallowing me and I can't see the light at the end of the tunnel, I get really stressed and can get anxiety attacks. I don't know if any of you have panic attacks or anxiety but I have had that during my life. Some periods in my life it´s been less of it and or course this has to do with if life is smooth, not so many mountains to climb and I have people around me who are positive.

The periods when I´ve had more of this is when I feel "trapped", when people make me feel I can't be myself, when I can't see any way to get out of the situation and so on.

It´s not so bad so that I can't get through this, cause I have so "small" attacks of this nowadays and when they come I know how to deal with them but of course when I was younger it was harder.

To be in a panic attack is horrible cause I feel like I can't breathe, I have a feeling of being "trapped" and my lungs and heart just shrink and I get such hyperventilation and pain in my chest that if you don't know what this is, you might think its a heart attack.

Friends of mine have had their first attack and had to go with an ambulance to the hospital believing they were dying. Thats how horrible this is.

If I knew when I was a teenager, what I know now about this, I believe I could have gotten through my attacks easier. And if people around me knew back then. And maybe many of my hardest times with this could had been easier. 

If you have panic attacks and struggling with them, go read this and learn more cause you can get help and do many things to self-help.

Love and light,

Tuesday, September 01, 2015


Who doesn't love a cute bow and to have it in a top like mine here is really nice and feminine. Paired with a bit cooler jacket and jeans make it still not to sweet and suits me fine=)

Photos taken in the early morning on my way to school, the light was fantastic!


Sunday, August 30, 2015

Last day for this summer

Today was my last day for this summer at my dear summer job and it´s been a great summer once again there=) I love working with the elderly and ill people and I learn so much for my coming job as a nurse being there so I am so grateful to have this job.

Tomorrow it´s time for school and I´m also starting at the hospital in the coming weeks and I´m thrilled and excited to learn more!

Learning is fun even if its also so hard and the older I get the harder it gets but "to move mountains" by getting over hard things are what life is about.

I learn in my job every day to cherish the days we walk here, the days we are healthy and able to live without illness and pain and most important is that FAMILY and LOVED ONES are more important than status, things and living a life where we are not happy.

When it all ends - was it all worth it?
Did you do what you loved or only what you hated?
Did you listen to your HEART or only your HEAD?

Serious things to think about - we only get this life - so live it as YOU want it to be.

Street favorites

One thing I love to wear is jeans and to team that up with a nice white shirt is just so effortless and perfect to any day. To make it more fun I add some leo (of course) and a pair of shoes in the print or a coat is perfect to make it less ordinary.

High waisted jeans are perfect for me now and I love that these ones from WON HUNDRED are soft in the cotton. No tight linings here=)

Jeans WONHUNDRED, shirt LINDEX, coat GINA TRICOT, shoes GUCCI, bag LINDEX, sunglasses H&M

Friday, August 28, 2015

Military green

I just love green colors and to match a military trench with these emerald green pants make me happy=)

My shoes from ZARA are amazing and the heel is of course what gets all of the attention!

Bag from LOUIS VUITTON, shoes and jacket from ZARA, tshirt H&M, pants GESTUZ

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

An ordinary day

Easy outfit while running around making lots of important errands today, jeans are my favorite thing to wear any day and today I chose bootcut that are so comfy and look great with a boot with a special heel like mine today

Boots from ZARA, jeans from HUNKY DORY, top from RIKA STUDIOS and bag from H&M TREND