Friday, October 09, 2015


Damn, I love Fridays so lets party!!!

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Sweat it

Even if I am really busy working these days I always find a spot at the day to do my workouts. If not running, weight lifting at home or tabata intervals with jumps. Always make me SO damn happy!

Not much time for lovely outfits but here´s at least a fast one from home=) Will take better ones again soon!


Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Titans of Metal are coming to CYPRUS in December

Yes, we´ll hit Cyprus after Israel and since I´ve been to Cyprus many times before and love it I so look forward to it=)

So go and get your tickets now and see you there!

Monday, October 05, 2015

Morning fun

As you know I love to be active and the best thing I know is exercising in the morning. Now when its such lovely weather I prefer to run outdoor and this morning I ran some k´s and then stopped for some climbing and trail running, flipping tires and so on and couldn't be more blessed to walk this Earth with all this beautiful surrounding me.


Being active now will help me when I get older and I really want to be able to walk and be strong even when I am really old so thats why I live an active life!

What you do today will impact your future, don't forget that

In da forest

So being in the forest means comfy shoes and comfy clothes and I love my FREDDY Wrup jeans cause they feel like a second skin. 

I was thinking of wearing my rubber boots due to being afraid of snakes but didn't and OF COURSE we almost tripped on a black snake!!! I almost got a heart attack and if you didn't know it I am TERRIFIED of snakes!! 

So next time I´ll wear my high rubber boots for sure!=)

Jeans FREDDY WRUP, sneakers NIKE, wrap GUCCI, knit GINA TRICOT, 

Sunday, October 04, 2015

Soccer mum

Yesterday morning I went to watch my oldest son Seth play a soccer game and it was quite warm for being october but still a bit chilly when not in the sun so I took my big GUCCI wrap and put a big belt around it. 
Teamed with a pair of high waist flared jeans from H&M and sneakers I was ready for the game and on a side note - Seth´s team won=)

Belt TOPSHOP, jeans H&M, knitted top HUNKY DORY, wrap GUCCI, bag LOUIS VUITTON, sneakers PRADA

Saturday, October 03, 2015

A hidden spot

Today we took a ride with our car and wanted to find some nice forest spots and as we drove into a small forest road and parked our car we found the nicest place with a BIG lake and lovely forest. 

A hidden place and we spent all afternoon there, walking around, sitting just watching the wonderful scenery and we said we need to come back and have some fishing tools and have a barbecue by the lake. Maybe already tomorrow. 

Nature gives energy and light we really need cause soon winter is here

I collect these moments in my inner room and use them as energy the darker and harder days. Positive feelings are important to store within and use when we need it the most.

Leaves are turning colors already

Sweden - the most beautiful country in the world

We want a house here by this lake - it would be a dream come true

Nemo having fun

My boys

Mio is such a big boy now

And my man=)

Nature boy, hehe