Monday, April 27, 2015

Cleaning in the best of time

I love to clean our place in the evening, after the kids have gone to bed cause then its so calm, I can open up the balcony and look at the lovely evening sky and embrace the fresh air in combination of seeing all the dust just going away=)

 I just love a dust-free and clean home.

My plants got some new dirt since they were a bit sad

The evening sky from my window

A big crane breaks the skyline the other way

Love the church tower and the city councils tower. Always reminds me of Peter Pan movies=)

Boho chic

I didn't have time to put yesterdays outfit here yesterday due to me coming home so late from the studio but here you go! I love a bit of BOHO now and then and flared jeans combined with flowers and a hat makes magic.

Flower jacket from ZARA

Sunglasses H&M

Bootcut jeans from ZARA and boots from ACNE 

Print details from the jacket. So lovely colors!

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Boho and flare

Today I´ve re-used my old flare jeans from GUCCI and teamed them up with a black shirt  from BRANTING and on top my boho vest from JO BY JULIA

Sunglasses from MIU MIU and bag from RIKA

Weekend flowers

Got us some new flowers yesterday and I chose orange and yellow tones this time

Yummie banana pancakes

Yesterday I made lovely banana pancakes for lunch and since the kids were home we added some ice cream, whipped cream, chocolate buttons and lots of nice berries and fruit=)


2 bananas 
4 eggs
2,5 dl of almond flour
1/2 teaspoon of baking powder
a pinch of salt

Mix it all with a mixer.

Make up and new cream from BIOTHERM

Its not every day I have time to do a proper make up but since I was home with ill children yesterday I had some time while Mio slept=)

I normally use oil for my face only but I got some samples from BIOTHERM´s skin best and I must say after 2 weeks of using this day cream, night cream and serum my face looks fresh and not so dry so I´ll go and buy these products when they are finished for sure. This new line of skin care has different creams depending on your skin age and I am under 45 so the green one is for me.

Then my make up today: 
using my foundation from CHANEL first and then I work with bronzing powder in the face to sculpt it. I brush under and on my cheek bones, highest spot in my forehead, around the cheek bone and on the side of the eyes. 

Then I use my concealer from YSL to both make the darkness under my eyes disappear and to highlight.

Then on my eyes today I use a dark brown eye shadow to mark around the eye 

Then I added a creamy silver eye shadow on the whole eye lid

I have a bad light in the bath room but will go and get better camera objectives and such today so soon better photos, I promise=)

For the lips I chose my pinky lipstick from Mac´s co-lab with Lady Gaga. Love it!
Mineral powder from BARE MINERALS, bronzing powder from ISADORA, eye shadows and creamy blush from MAKE UP FOREVER, mascara from YSL -dolls eyes

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Coolest little guy

As I looked through my photo album I found these cool photos of Nemo when he was with me and Johan on tour in Los Angeles=)

Melrose avenue, after shopping, taking a milkshake and a hamburger, he´s enjoying daddy´s sunglasses=)

Nemo- my cool little one and experienced tour boy=) Fun memories for him when he gets old, hehe!