Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Here´s my opera aria audio only=)

They haven't shared the youtube video from Tähdet Tähdet yet but here´s a sound cloud version of my aria (audio only) so enjoy this!

Still a bit irritated that I didn't have any hearing since the technicians forgot to turn on my in ears but it sounds ok and I am happy for my version of this aria=)

ENJOY and love and light!

Now you can buy the lovely duet with me and BLACK MOUNT RISE internationally=)

Now you can buy the lovely duet with me and BLACK MOUNT RISE internationally and soon it will also be out in the USA=)
Click to buy now on iTunes CH https://itun.es/i6Lx9Mb
Click to buy now on iTunes DE https://itun.es/de/SI_45
Click to buy now on exlibris CH http://tinyurl.com/BMRexlibris

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I will take new photos and sell new great items this week=)

Monday, March 30, 2015

And I´m going home...

…to Sweden and leaving a very SNOWY??? Finland!! What?? hehe, luckily in my town we have spring so home and enjoy that=)

I have had a great time here in Finland and met super nice people along the way here and friends I will have forever=)

I will be back here for the final episode and cheering on whomever the finalists may be but I already am sure Jarkko will win this and he is a wonderful singer and person and his opera yesterday was surely AMAZING=) Who said a rocker couldn't sing opera?=)

At home I have so many things to do since I have been away from the university for weeks and my teacher said my first exam is already april 7 so you all know what I´ll be doing first thing tomorrow - STUDY=) And I look forward to that, I love to have my routines, go to the gym and so on. As fun as the crazy music scene is I need the safety and less crazy days in my life to get a balance. Life is fun when its not crazy too=)

Thanks for everyone who has voted for me in the show and for the support! to be a Swede and being here for half the programme, 5 weeks, is amazing and I heard many say yesterday they think I am f-cking brave for doing it and yes, I was so scared accepting this challenge and its been hard but I went out as a winner in my own eyes and I got to sing opera and that was the thing I really wanted to do so thanks and kiitos Suomi=)


Sunday, March 29, 2015

Tonights TÄHDET TÄHDET starts a bit later at 19.30 Finnish time

So if u wanna check me sing some nice opera head over to the site=)

And to vote outside Finland check my previous posts in here or in my Facebook:

The queen of f-cking everything is in da house=) Hep hep!

Friday, March 27, 2015

2 years ago my life once again was blessed with a little boy=)

He came as a light and brightened my world. He made me complete and I am so blessed to have 3 healthy lovely boys I have given birth to. I never thought I´d have so many children but now when I have them I wish I had started earlier and gotten 7=)

Mio, my dearest little boy - you are a sunshine! You have been happy and positive since you came to this world and I wish that happiness and light will be there all your life=)

Love you to the moon and back and ten million more travels!

Me the day before he came to our world=)

Love making a mess;=)